Every brand has a behaviour, this behaviour is what is known as Brand archetype. Brand archetype reflect the personality of the brand. An awareness of your archetype helps you focus your brand’s energy on your brand’s message.

There are 12 Brand Archetypes and each of them have a representation.

1. Sage: Seeks truth, wisdom and knowledge.

2. Ruler: seeks absolute power, and control.

3. Innocent: courts safety and just wants to be happy.

4. Outlaw(also called rebel): , breaks rules, seeks to birth liberation and a revolution.

5. Creator: is always after innovation, perfection.

6. Explorer: desires freedom

7. Magician: Always willing to make dreams come through.

8.Caregiver: nurtures, renders service, wants to be dependable.

9. Jester: likes entertainment, enjoyment and lives for the moment.

10. Regular Guy/girl: just wants to belong.

11. Hero: is a master at what it does, and seeks to be the best.

12. Lover: encourages and is after pleasure, passion and intimacy

How does your brand behave?